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Here what our customers are saying. Here is a sampling of statements from actual testimonial letters received in our Pennsylvania office from customers throughout our region who had a diverse range of needs.

You installed 11 windows in my house in State College and I could not be more impressed with the installation process. The speed the organization and the quality of the installation cannot be matched. In less than 2 hours, other than 11 new windows and a sign in the yard, there was no indication 10 guys were just in my house ripping a tearing. One other thing I noted is that each guy made an effort to make a quick friendly connection with me.

I am not one usually to say anything, positive or negative when it comes to these types of things but being in the property management business I know what I witnessed was not the norm. You all should be proud of how your teams in the field represent your company.

– Derek

In 2012 we had 7 windows installed. The design, quality, and installation were very satisfactory. Heck! It was practically perfect. The new windows look and operate great.

Then in February 2013, we had 15 windows installed. Unlike the previous group, these had to be the simulated wood vinyl for the interior. WOW! My fears of “fake”-looking wood were unfounded. The windows look and even feel so much like wood. In addition, one window that was replaced was round at the top. The replacement was PERFECT!!

The installer was very professional and conscientious. He pointed out a few defects which I probably would never have noticed. These were either quickly repaired, or soon will be.

The quality of the product and the installation are AMAZING! We are so very pleased with the work.
Well, we want to have Window World install more windows. (We got a lot of ‘em.) We are also seriously considering gutters, soffit & fascia, and siding. Looking forward to the visit from Vaughn next week.

– S. Carr

Your salesman was very informative and he made sure we knew how to operate our Double Hung window before he left. Your installer was very polite and he made sure his mess was all cleaned up before he left.

– Jessie T.

We think our windows are very nice and they made a huge difference in our room. It’s great!

– Linda M.

We are very satisfied with the windows. They look very nice inside and out. They were installed quickly -3 hours to install 5 windows.

– Kay & Joyce P.

A job well done! My windows look fantastic and you are a great company to do business with. Thank you!

– Patrick M.

We were very impressed with the quality of the work and speediness of the installation.

– Joe and Erin W.

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